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Our Story

Situated in the heart of East Harlem, Contento welcomes you to our home where we showcase our roots and who we are; respect what is around us; and where you are provided with all the essentials to be restored.

Roots. Respect. Restore.

Our philosophy is simple “make sure you leave the doors open behind you, so you won’t be the last.”


Contento’s inspiration comes from the concrete streets of Hell’s Kitchen up the Hudson River to The Bronx. From Southern Brooklyn to the Orchards of the Hudson Valley, we live and breathe our home state. New York City, like the nation, has been built by immigrants, and without them, there would be no heartbeat.  So we pay homage to those that have made our beloved city what it is today.


We share and showcase what New York can produce with our cuisine and libations to our neighbors and friends. We strive to provide an ambiance and experience where you are provided with the best ingredients and products cultivated with the greatest attention to detail.


Walk through the doors of our restaurant and leave your worries behind. In Spanish, there is a saying: “Barriga llena corazon contento” “With a full belly a happy heart” — You will be restored by food, beverage, and community.